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November and December only!

Chupacabra - Featuring Tex Mex sauce, chorizo, cilantro, jalapeno, and tomato topped with cheddar and house blend cheese.

Only 2 months to enjoy ALL these delicious flavors!

a single slice of chocolate cake on a plate

Chocolate Toffee Mousse with Kahlua

Available November and December!

CHOCOLATE TOFFEE MOUSSE WITH KAHLUA: To all of you chocolate fans out there, raise a fork. Because your heaven on a plate awaits. This deliciously creamy chocolate mousse is filled with golden toffee crunches and soaked in coffee liqueur for a cake that is unforgettably choc-o-late!ll 

a plate of food on a table

Chorizo Tater Kegs

Available November and December!

CHORIZO TATER KEGS: A tot it’s not! These are loaded kegs of crispy potatoes filled with spicy chorizo sausage, black beans, yellow corn, Monterey Jack cheese (with a bite), and a side of salsa for a scrumptious salute to the great Southwest. Big taste, big bites, oh so right!